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Melbourne Hydrotherapy Centre

Aquatic Physiotherapy

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The Melbourne Hydrotherapy Centre is a purpose built, chlorine free Aquatic Physiotherapy facility operating since 1989.

Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise-based physiotherapy treatment performed in warm water (34°C) which achieves results not always possible with land-based therapy.

The buoyancy properties of water minimise weight bearing through joints whilst still providing resistance with exercise.

Our physiotherapists individually assess each patient and design an exercise program specific to the patient’s needs and desired functional goals.

The pool can be entered via steps with rails or via a hydraulic hoist. Change rooms are spacious and are equipped with lockers. The facility is wheelchair accessible and there is onsite and ample street parking.


Hydrotherapy helps to:

  • relieve pain, muscle spasm and swelling

  • strengthen muscles

  • mobilise joints

  • improve balance, co-ordination and general fitness

  • promote relaxation


Some of the many conditions that can benefit from Hydrotherapy include:

  • orthopaedic rehabilitation especially after lower limb fractures

  • post-operative ankle, knee, hip, back and shoulder surgery

  • joint replacements

  • arthritic conditions

  • back and neck pain

  • sports injury

  • work and motor vehicle accident injuries

  • mobility, strength and balance issues

  • chronic pain syndromes

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